With ten years of photo coverage on zoos around the world, Motofumi Tai not only has insight into the management and husbandry of zoological gardens, but can also share his experiences with other zoos.

Therefore it was his idea to organize for zoo staff tours to foreign zoos and aquariums to improve the knowledge and to create a better exchange of knowledge and experience in husbandry and exhibition with foreign institutions. Different to museum collections, zoos and aquariums deal only with live animals and therefore we should keep them always under the best conditions and we have to avoid any mistake which can harm the animal. Therefore specialization and great experience is very often the best base for the wellness of the animals and why we should not use the experience of others, if it is good for the animals which are trusted to us.

Jurgen Lange was director of the Berlin Zoo, the most traditional German zoo with a tremendous rich diversity of animal species. If everybody today talks about species diversity, the Berlin zoo keeps this diversity. Therefore azc can give advice and answer for most of the problems and questions, which zoos have to solve and answer daily.

Even about the husbandry and breeding of very rare species like the Polar bear, the Kiwi from New Zealand, South American flamingo species, or the African and Indian elephant azc has enough knowledge to consult other zoo colleagues.

But they have also the knowledge to develop and design, in cooperation with an engineer, animal enclosures, which will be a highlight for the animals as well as for the visitors. A large aviary for condors, the renovation and modernization of an already existing nocturnal house or the modernization of the historical Giraffe house in the Berlin Zoo or the new environmental enclosure for Japanese Wild boars in the ……………. are excellent examples for such modernizing projects.