After almost 40 years working in an aquarium as General curator and Director, we have excellent knowledge in the keeping and breeding of aquarium animals, but also in the technology for efficient filtration, for water quality and movement as well as for lighting aspects, which are all important and essential factors for a successful long term husbandry and breeding of the kept animals.

For example the Berlin Aquarium was the first aquarium to breed coral reef fishes in a larger scale and the first inland aquarium with a successful breeding programme for many different jellyfish species. Also the cultivation and propagation of hard and soft corals succeeded.

We kept and keep in the terrarium of the Berlin Aquarium successfully Komodo dragons as well as Tuataras. Nile crocodiles, monitors and iguanas, Frilled lizards, chameleons and different snake species were bred regularly.

The insect section of the aquarium has specialized on the continuously breeding of bird nest spiders, scorpions, praying mantis, large or colourful species of stick insects and tropical ant species with a remarkable behaviour like the leaf cutting or weaving ants.

With all these long-term practical experience in husbandry of aquarium animals (fish, aquatic invertebrates), reptiles and land invertebrates we know the most important parameters and conditions for a successful husbandry and also for the technical management of an aquarium. Therefore azc has the experience to consult in many different aspects of the aquarium business.

But we know too that an aquarium can work only successfully when it can attract also visitors in high numbers. Therefore the marketing and the PR are essential for the success of the aquarium too. Therefore an aquarium should never be seen only as an animal house, but it is also a cultural institution and should be used for other activities like art exhibitions, theatre performances and dinner receptions. With all these activities, the aquarium will attract another group of visitors than the “normal” aquarium visitors and will raise their interest in nature and environment questions and problems.