After almost 40 years working in an aquarium as General curator and Director, we have excellent knowledge in the keeping and breeding of aquarium animals, but also in the technology for efficient filtration, for water quality and movement as well as for lighting aspects, which are all important and essential factors for a successful long term husbandry and breeding of the kept animals.
With ten years of photo coverage on zoos around the world, Motofumi Tai not only has insight into the management and husbandry of zoological gardens, but can also share these experiences with other zoos.Jurgen Lange was director of the Berlin Zoo, the most traditional German zoo with a tremendous rich diversity of animal species. If everybody today talks about species diversity, the Berlin zoo keeps this diversity. Therefore azc can give advice and answer for most of the problems and questions.


Because of their wide experiences azc is a highly esteemed consultant for architects, who plan aquariums or zoo buildings or enclosures. azc was asked for advice on the planning and construction of aquarium houses in Asia (Taiwan, Thailand), in Europe (England, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Saudi Arabia) and New Caledonia. Besides azc cooperated with architects for the construction of zoo buildings and enclosures in America (USA), in Asia (Japan, Korea) and in Europe (Germany, Spain),


After almost 50 years of work in the zoo and aquarium business azc has excellent knowledge in animal husbandry and in the management of zoos and aquariums. Therefore azc offers to other institutions advice to achieve an efficient administration structure and a successful husbandry and breeding system. Sustainability of zoos and aquariums is for azc another topic of high value.


Zoos and aquariums have the important task to educate their visitors in the conservation of nature and environments and to promote the environmental awareness of the public. azc helps the zoological institutions to create animal enclosures with educational content. But the main task of azc in this aspect is the publication of articles in zoo and aquarium magazines about the life, behaviour and husbandry of the different animal species as well as the interaction between animals and their habitats. To reach especially younger people around the world, azc creates websites about special themes.


To create on the international base a better connection between zoo and aquarium specialists and to improve the international exchange of knowledge and experience in animal husbandry azc organizes international conferences like the International Jellyfish Conference (IJC) every 2 years since 2014 and since 2020 the International Conference about the husbandry of endangered livestock breeds (IELC).


As azc we organize for zoo staff and groups of the Friends of a zoo tours to National parks and especially to foreign zoos and aquariums. But we work also for travel firms as tour guides for trips to Japanese and African National Parks, to Galapagos and to the Antarctica.